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Hey there! I'm Lyndsey.

To simplify, I'm a cowboy's wife, ranch-kid mama, rural living home-maker (hallelujah Amazon Prime!) and traveling photographer capturing the love & life stories of our western culture. Welcome to my blog!

When Kyra told me they had picked a canyon location outside of Fort Sumner New Mexico I was skeptical. I’ve shot in the area multipule times now and was convinced that it wasn’t an overly exciting area of the Enchanted State. But when we pulled up to “The Hole” I had to eat crow because all of a sudden, in the middle of said flat country, there was a to-die-for photoshoot location! And by “all of a sudden” I mean it’s the kinda place where you wouldn’t want to be headed anywhere at a high trot because you don’t really see the canyon until it’s under your chin. 

Although they were both born and raised in New Mexico Justin & Kyra had been raised on opposite sides of the state. But through mutual friends their paths crossed at a 4-H Convention is Denver Colorado. 

When I asked how the two of them got engaged Kyra just burst into laughter but really, the more I got to know these two, the more it fit perfectly with who they are as a hard working ranch couple. 

Justin proposed while they were feeding cows together. 

Personally, I think he could have proposed in a dumpster and Kyra would have still said yes. The love these two have for each other is obvious in the happiness they are bursting with. I mean seriously, they were always smiling even in the middle of a kiss!

And really, who could say no to that ring?

You’ve also got to notice the cameo Kyra wore is a stunning family heirloom! Being the sentimental type I love it when meaningful things are brought into a session. I am honored they’ve chosen me to be their photographer for their upcoming wedding and I know that it will be a day prepared for with love!

Ps. And how cool was that old rock barn at our second location? 


Fort Sumner New Mexico Ranch Engagement Photography | Copyright 2016 Lyndsey Garber Photography 

Ps. Interested in booking your own cowboy/ranch lifestyle couple session? Contact me! I travel all over the country and I just might be headed to your area soon! 

Fort Sumner New Mexico Ranch Engagement Photography | Justin & Kyra

April 21, 2016